Biology EOC Review Activities and Practice Tests to Master the Biology Final Exam

biology eoc review

It’s time for biology EOC review! As the end of the semester approaches, biology teachers everywhere are gearing up to help their students navigate the final hurdle: the biology final exam. As educators, our goal is not only to impart knowledge but also to equip our students with the skills and confidence they need to excel academically.

For biology students, in particular, the biology EOC can feel like a daunting hurdle to overcome. There is so much to know! However, with the right approach and resources, student mastery of the biology final exam is entirely achievable. In this blog post, we’ll explore some effective strategies and biology EOC practice activities to prepare your students for the biology final exam.


Familiarize Students with the Biology EOC Exam Structure

Before diving headfirst into study sessions, it’s crucial to familiarize students with the format and content of the biology final exam. Is it multiple-choice, short answer, essay-based, or a combination of these formats? Familiarize your students with what to expect will ease the unexpected feelings most people get before a big exam and help them to relax and concentrate on acing the EOC.

Prioritize Self-Care and Rest

Emphasize the prioritization of self-care before and during the biology final exam period. Encourage students to get plenty of rest, eat nourishing meals, stay hydrated, and engage in activities that help alleviate stress, such as exercise or mindfulness practices. A healthy mind and body will enhance their cognitive function and overall well-being, ultimately benefiting their exam performance.

Biology EOC Practice Activities

Biology EOC Review Games and Activities

Engage students in interactive review activities and games such as Boom Cards, Kahoot, Quizizz, or Jeopardy-style quizzes tailored to biology concepts. These games add an element of fun and competition to the review process while reinforcing key content in an engaging way. Consider offering small incentives or rewards for top performers to further motivate participation.

These Biology EOC Boom Cards are an excellent tool for students to use in the classroom or on the go. They are self-paced, self-checking, and an interactive engaging way for students to practice the biology concepts they have learned throughout the year. You can preview this 100-card biology EOC practice Boom cards deck here. They are on sale too!

TIP: Encourage students to keep track of the cards that they are having difficulties with by using the tagging feature. They then can go back and review the concepts and cards they were having difficulty with.

Self-Paced Biology EOC Review Webquest

This Biology EOC Review Webquest encompasses topics taught throughout the year and ensures that students review all the essential concepts and content areas that may appear on the exam. This approach helps students identify any gaps in their understanding and provides an opportunity to review and reinforce their knowledge across the entire biology curriculum.

This is one of my most loved and best-selling webquests! It is broken down into digestible chunks and is 100% editable to meet your class’s individual needs! This self-paced activity provides a structured learning path, guiding students through various activities, resources, and tasks designed to reinforce key biology concepts and maximizing the effectiveness of their study time.

Entertaining Biology EOC Review Video and Handout

Not all students learn best through reading alone. An engaging EOC review video paired with the handout below covers topics taught throughout the year can is an incredibly helpful way to study for the biology EOC. This biology EOC review video, A Stroll Through the Playlist by the Amoeba Sisters, provides a visual and auditory learning experience, catering to different learning styles and is super fun! Visual learners can benefit from diagrams, animations, and illustrations, while auditory learners can absorb information through entertaining narration and explanations.

biology eoc practice

The Amoeba Sisters are highly talented at simplifying complex topics through fun visuals and scenarios, making biology content more accessible and understandable to students.

Biology EOC Practice Tests

Offer practice exams or sample questions that mimic the format and style of the final exam. This allows students to familiarize themselves with the types of questions they will encounter and practice applying their knowledge in a timed setting. Provide feedback on their responses to help identify areas for improvement.

I hope these activities and tips help you and your students have a less stressful end of the school year! Let me know what you think at!