Looking for a diverse range of cell activities to captivate your students and enhance your students’ experience when it comes to exploring cells and cell theory? Tired of facilitating the same old cells lessons that students have seen year after year?

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I understand your struggles to teach cells in a fun, interactive, and engaging way to high schoolers. My biology students were tired of lessons geared more towards younger kids, so I have developed fun and multimodal cell activities and cell theory ideas tailored specifically for high school students. These resources ignite students’ enthusiasm for engaging with cells and cell theory by providing the depth and interactivity necessary for them to create meaningful connections in the realm of cell biology.

Are you ready for easy to use CELLS activities that prepare your students FOR SUCCESS?

Introducing our comprehensive high school cells and cell theory resource bundle, designed to empower both students and educators with a wealth of knowledge and engaging materials to explore the fascinating world of biology. Whether you're a new or experienced teacher looking to enrich your curriculum, this collection is your one-stop solution for unlocking the mysteries of cells and cell theory.


Cell Activities included:

  • Building Virtual Plant and Animal Cells
  • Creating a Cell Theory Timeline
  • Cell Organelles Domino Puzzle
  • Reading Comprehensions with Questions
  • Informative and Fun Videos with Questions
  • Drawing and Labeling Cells

Cells Lab Stations


“Students loved these cell activities! My students loved the interactive cell building, and the reading comprehension with timeline were spot on. Thank you!”

“I loved the stations because my students could independently learn at each station. It really helped my students understand the material and kept them engaged!”

Your students will learn about cell theory, cell discovery, types of cells, and cell organelles in this fun and engaging student-led lab stations lab activity. 10 cells stations introduce and teach these fundamental cell biology standards. All stations are neatly presented, have easy to understand directions, and require minimal prep from you.

Cells PowerPoint


“Activities are very engaging, and student enjoyed reviewing for an assessment. The Kahoot was fabulous. I like the idea of having a Kahoot as a formative assessment of the lesson. Looking forward to using more of your resources!”

“I really enjoyed the videos in between the lectures, I love all your PowerPoints! The explanations are brief and to the point. I like the animations too and it gives the kids a break a few minutes from taking notes. Thank you!”

Cell Activities include:

  • PowerPoint Presentation Embedded with Videos and Questions
  • Virtual Investigations
  • Assessment Questions
  • Custom Kahoot
  • Answer Keys

Edible Cell Models Lab

This cell model lab is sure to be a hit in your secondary science classroom! Students will create a model of a prokaryotic cell, a plant cell, and an animal cell using cookies, graham crackers, and candies of your choice.

Resource Includes:

  • Detailed Teacher’s Guide and Lesson Plan
  • Types of Cells Background Reading
  • Student Handouts
  • Data Table
  • Reflection Questions
  • Rubric
  • Editable Lab Handouts
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    Cell Activities Freebie for Landing page

    Try out six cell activities for free!

    With this resource, you get cells coloring sheets, cells graphic organizers, cells crossword puzzle, and more! You can use them in conjunction with cell labs, have students work together on them in stations, or assign them as classwork for review. You just need to print them out and add them to your plans.

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    Cells Bundle

    This bundle everything you need to teach an engaging and meaningful cells unit. From pretest to post-test, and everything in between, this cells bundle will save you time, money, and help you to effortlessly deliver an engaging and differentiated cells unit to your students.


    • Comprehensive Cells Unit Plan with Pacing Guide
    • Cells and Cell Organelles PowerPoint with Student Notes
    • Cells Webquest
    • Cell Organelles Stations Lab
    • Cell Theory and Types of Cells Reading Comprehension
    • Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells Task Cards
    • Cells Activities – Coloring, Puzzles, and More
    • Graphic Organizers
    • Cells Video Handouts
    • Cell Theory Webquest
    • Cells and Cell Theory Student Led Stations Lab
    • Cells Assessment
    • Cells Choice Board
    • Cell Models Lab

    what teachers have had to say...

    “This was a life saver! The slides, with accompanying notes, and activities saved me a lot of time and stress. The students enjoyed the stations labs, and the way in which it allowed them to work at their own pace. This became more student focused learning instead of teacher led, and it helped with classroom management for me since my class has so many different abilities. Even if a student was absent, I could assign them work they could do themselves and not get behind.”

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