Welcome to the Science is Real science Activities Page. You'll find a growing collection of all my favorite FREE online science activities found across the Internet that you can access with the links below. I hope you and your students enjoy them.

Scale of the Universe

Explore the scale of objects in the universe from microscopic to galactic in this fun interactive activity! Use my Scale of the Universe Webquest for even deeper learning and classroom fun. Your students will love it!

scale of the universe webquest

kingdoms of life

In this activity, students click and learn about each kingdom of life through this attractive and interactive site. The webquest I created guides students through the content for meaningful learning. 


This simulation introduces gel electrophoresis, a technique used to separate biological molecules. In this simulation, gel electrophoresis is used to separate dyes and visualize them in an agarose gel. 

natural Selection Game

This evolution by natural selection webquest makes a great introduction your evolution unit and a great sub-plan! Your students will learn about natural selection and answer questions while viewing the Natural Selection Amoeba Sisters video on YouTube. They then will play Who Wants to Live a Million Years game where students select adaptations for a species to ensure its survival in changing environments over time. This is one of my best selling resources! I hope your students have as much fun as mine!

For additional science activities your students might like, you can check out the resources below or visit my website shop. I also sell science teacher resources here on Teachers Pay Teachers.

other activities you might like