Seasons Reading Comprehension and Questions and Worksheets



In this seasons reading comprehension and worksheets package, students will learn Earth’s seasons, equinoxes, and solstices. This includes an informative, no-prep reading comprehension article loaded with diagrams. Also included in your download are text-dependent seasons reading comprehension questions in matching, short-answer, multiple choice, and analyzing-diagram formats.


– Earth’s Tilt
– Reason for the Seasons
– Equinoxes (Vernal and Autumnal)
– Solstices (Winter and Summer)
– Seasonal Change at the Poles and Equator
– Daylight and Nighttime Hours During These Events
– Cultural Significance of These Celestial Events


⭐ WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE (PDF and Google Slides) 

• Seasons, Equinoxes, and Solstices Reading Comprehension: This two-page article takes students through the reason for the seasons, Earth’s tilt and orbit, equinoxes, solstices, seasonal changes in different locations, and the cultural or historical significance of these celestial events. Full color and black/white versions are included.

• Seasons Text-Dependent Questions: In this two-page worksheet, students will answer vocabulary matching, multiple choice, and short answer questions before analyzing and answering questions about a seasons diagram. Answers to all questions are found in the text.

• Answer Keys
Answer keys are included for all activities.



This seasons reading comprehension is a perfect student-led lesson on seasons, equinoxes, and solstices! All questions are text-dependent and do not require prior knowledge. This is a fantastic lesson all on its own and would make a great homework, introductory activity, review, or sub-plan.


Science article reading comprehension and questions make excellent sub-plans, a great close and careful classroom reading, meaningful homework, or alternative work for an absent student. Finding reliable articles or reading comprehension questions on the Internet is time consuming, and too often, secondary science students find the answer key online. This is easy to implement and your students won’t find the answers online! Your students will be engaged with science literacy in your classroom!


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