Cell Respiration Reading Comprehension and Questions


Students learn about anaerobic and aerobic cellular respiration while they complete this engaging cell respiration reading comprehension and questions created specifically for high school. Your download includes a carefully-crafted reading comprehension passage accompanied by thought-provoking questions to foster critical thinking and deep comprehension skills among students.

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Students will learn about the processes involved in cellular respiration by completing this informative and engaging cell respiration reading comprehension and questions. This resource is designed to enhance students’ understanding of this essential biological process. This engaging package offers a carefully crafted reading comprehension passage accompanied by thought-provoking questions, fostering critical thinking and deep comprehension skills among learners. It includes a 3-page cell respiration reading article and 30 questions. All questions are text-dependent and do not require prior knowledge of cellular respiration.


Topics Include

• Aerobic and Anaerobic Cellular Respiration• Glycolysis

• Krebs Cycle / Citric Acid Cycle

• Electron Transport Chain

• ATP and Electron Carriers

• Lactic Acid Fermentation

• Alcoholic Fermentation

• Chemical Equations of Anaerobic and Aerobic Respiration

• Respiration in Yeast

• Relationship between Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration


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Science article reading comprehension and questions make excellent sub-plans, a great close and careful classroom reading, meaningful homework, or alternative work for an absent student. Finding reliable articles or reading comprehension questions on the Internet is time consuming, and too often, secondary science students find the answer key online. This is easy to implement and your students won’t find the answers online! Your students will be engaged with science literacy in your classroom!


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What you will receive:
• 5-Page Handouts (PDF)
• Google Slides Version of Handouts
• Full Answer Key





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